Brand Identity by KK at Special Modern Design

When you're starting a business there are far too many things you have to think about. Or as KK always tells her clients, "You don't start with the logo you have to dig deeper and define the brand before any pen goes to paper." Sometimes can be overwhelming and almost impossible to define your own work when you are so close to it. Luckily there are people like KK at Special Modern Design that can give you that professional touch that solidifies your place in the cutthroat world of visual branding. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and whether you're working out of your home or opening a huge venue, KK can polish your ideas into a shiny legitimate business brand that reflects your hard work. Feast your eyes on the upgrades she's made for all different types of businesses around the world, including all of ours! We are so grateful we found her and there are so many more projects we couldn't fit on our page, so check her out at SpecialModernDesign.com.

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We want to start out the week by honoring the 100th anniversary of the De Stijl movement with some colorful eye candy. The movement is defined by the bold primary colors from paintings by Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian which inspired a wave of design beyond the canvas, in pieces like The Red and Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld (1917) and The Mondrian collection by Yves Saint Laurent (1966). As timing would have it, exactly 100 years after the birth of a movement, this season's colors on the runway have a clear inspiration. These pictures remind us how bold a simple choice can be. Whether they're a vibrant throwback to Preschool or the beloved De Stijl movement of 1917, the colors are bound to capture your inner child. 

Above: Rietveld Industrial Metal Cabinet for Gispen $5,875 | Rosetta Getty 2017 via Vogue.com

Above: Enameled Scissor Wall Lamp $495 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com

Above: Tomado Style Shelving | Stella McCartney 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Gijs van der Sluis Streamline Sofa $3250 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Coen De Vries Love Seat $1650 | Louis: Priceless | Stella McCartney 2017 via Vogue.com
Above: Hala Zeist Enameled Scissor Wall Lamp $295 | Emilio Pucci 2017 via Vogue.com
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Tomado Bookshelf $795

           Visser Sofa for Spectrum $3250
(6) Rare Kramer Revolt Chairs $5,500