M E M O R I A L πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ D A Y

Newly Painted Beer Garden Tables, Available in Blue, Red, and Yellow, $695. Vintage Medicine Balls $225. West German Ceramics. 

Pair of Navy Upholstered Wim Rietveld No.9 Lounge Chair for Gispen, $1,590. 

West German Ceramic on a Newly Painted Red Beer Garden Table.

Apeldoor Extra Large Desk. Benches Sold Separately.

Pair of Wim Rietveld No.9 Lounge Chairs for Gispen, $1,590. 

NewMadeLA Outdoor Essentials: Indoor/Outdoor Planters available Hanging or Wall Mounted, Two Piece Hangable Stools and Chairs, Modern Ring Toss Game. 

Newly Painted Vintage Beer Garden Tables, Available in Red and Blue.


M O T H E R ' S πŸ’˜ D A Y πŸ’˜ P O P - U P

Handmade Clothing by Jill Aiko Yee.

Mother's Day Floral Arrangements Available from Planta Nursery. 

s  h  o  p     t  h  e    l  o  o  k :

Wall Planter: NewMade LA  |  Chairs available at Amsterdam Modern on York  |  Desk, Orange Lamp & Mirror Light available at Amsterdam Modern  |  Mood Pendant: Janel Foo Glassworks  |  Wolf Paper: Cactus Club Paper 

Credenza & Copper Pendants available at Amsterdam Modern  |  Ceramic & De Sede Bean Bag available at Amsterdam Modern on York  |  Picture: Cactus Club Paper  |  Wall Hanging: WKNDLA


S P R I N G 🌸 C E L E B R A T I O N S

Each time a holiday rolls around we are reminded of love. A time to enjoy, savor, and relax, and be with the ones you want to spoil. Nothing is more fun than planning a party--big or small. From treating yourself to one simple mimosa, to cooking for 30, holidays are a time to be reminded of joy. Here are our favorite Spring-themed party essentials for all the upcoming holidays that live in this floral time.

Brass Rolling Bar Cart, $325
Make the bold choice of all white, for your guests that would never spill anything on them.

Even Vegans Drool over a well cooked egg. Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com by Carissa Gan.

Large Ceramics with Larger Than Life Flowers make a great gift for Mother's Day.

Upholstered Feather Lounge Chair, Egg Holders, Ceramics, and Ceramic Lamps.

Upholstered Gispen Dining Chairs and Gispen Dining Chairs are as colorful as the flowers.

Holidays are also the best time to give back, click on the photos to be linked to the LA Volunteer network to help you get connected to the community around you and what you can do for others in need. 


G R E E N 🌡 Q U E E N

Three cheers for Pantone's Color of the Year. In their own words, "Greenery is a fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew. Greenery is nature’s neutral." Here's our curated choices of furniture, wallpaper, tile, and decor, inspired by some of our favorite film moments. 

"The blue couch or the red couch?" Neither. The green couch.

Walnut Wallpaper has the widest selection of badass wallpaper.

Bruce Wayne in his teal and mint Mid Century haven.

Said Green couch. Mustard green is the perfect addition to a neutral pallet. Designed by ETC.Etera. 

Green marble countertops would be the perfect compliment to this magical eye wallpaper by Walnut Wallpaper.
The set designers of "Doubt" used a beautiful green scheme throughout the film, especially the walls of the offices. 

We have a wide selection of industrial stools, which often have the famous painted green legs, AmsterdamModern.com

ETC.Etera beautifully designed Cafe Birdie in Highland Park and you can replicate this scheme with this Walnut Wallpaper.

Because, duh.

Get your own Garden State-inspired decor, all you need is the matching shirt. Get your Dragon Wallpaper here.

This beautiful tile is available at Growhousegrow.com and makes a perfect colorful countertop. 

Be the green Keanu you want to see in the world. 

Kelly Green Streamline Sofa, available at AmsterdamModern.com and at our Warehouse location in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Never a bare wall. Tile your whole shower like you live in Morocco, or head to Walnut Wallpaper for a butterfly accent wall.

You can visit our Friso Kramer Style chairs at their new home in Hotel Covell, designed by ETC.Etera.