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Sarfatti "2097" Chandelier, Rietveld Pyramid Chairs, & Friso Kramer REFORM table


Palm Springs: A Mid-Century Modern Design Oasis

What is it about a barren isolated place such as the desert that attracts such a treasure trove of Mid-Century Modern design? A unique set of conditions contingent on culture, climate, and space. Its close proximity to Los Angeles allowed Palm Springs to develop into an ideal getaway for Hollywood stars - and also a perfect place for architects to construct a strong desert aesthetic with a lot of space to expand. The hot desert climate proved a welcome place for structures of glass, metal, and modern industrialism. Linear forms fit flawlessly into the flat landscape, and the coolness of metal frames and glass walls provide a retreat from the glaring desert sun. Famous architects have traversed these desert plains and left their mark in the community for residents and travelers alike to enjoy.

The Fontenell:

Photo by Dan Chavkin, from Dwell Magazine
Photo by Dan Chavkin, from Dwell Magazine

The Kaufmann House designed by Richard Nuetra, 1946:

Photo by Tim Street-Porter/Estro from the New York Times
Photo by Tim Street-Porter/Estro from the New York Times

The Elrod House designed by John Lautner:

Photo by Edward Y. Lee

Photo by Edward Y. Lee

 The Ace Hotel:

Photo by Jessica Claire

Photo by Jessica Claire

These notable and unique designs define a standard of stunning Mid-Century Modern architecture with a California desert twist. What a great reason to make a trip to Palm Springs!


Everything WIRE

The use of wire-like components in Mid-Century modern design stems from concepts of simplistic and streamlined industrial design with a very organic feel. Wire framed coffee tables, magazine racks, and planters create a clean and boldly elegant structural design that fits in anywhere - indoors, outdoors, and works especially well to balance out heavier pieces of furniture such as teak credenzas.

Here are a few of our favorites from the site:

 Large Wire Framed Coffee Table

Retro Wire Plant Stands

Set of 4 Rietveld (attr) Chairs

Pilastro Style Magazine Rack

Coen de Vries Wall Mount Coat Rack with Wire Hooks

Mid-Century Modern design tends to be extremely versatile - the enameled metal and wire components of these pieces make them even more welcoming to different environments while adding a subtle casual flair. It's even more awesome because some of these pieces come in exciting and fun colors!

Pair of Kembo Lounge Chairs with Ottomans

Need some pairing or design ideas? 
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Because it's so hot out...
Rattan, bamboo, wicker and ALL outdoor items 25% off from today (9/19) until Friday September 27! 

Lots of items, such as bamboo outdoor tables, are not listed on the website so come make an appointment to check stuff out at the warehouse! (818) 590-9100

In addition, SHOPCLASS will be having the same 25% discount on outdoor items.

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It's that time of year again.... With Summer coming to a close, the school year is right around the corner leaving us with these bad boys on our mind.

So what's so great about them? Well, one is versatility. Two means quantity. And with three, you've got variety!

Our stacking school chairs are made out of wood (beechwood, plywood, teak) and tend to be extremely durable. They can be used for dining room seating, in the foyer, in the study, as side tables, in the children's room, etc. Possibilities are endless.

And with the arrival of the last container, our warehouse has suddenly been filled with hundreds of stacking school chairs. So make it your next assignment to find some nice additions to your dining room, living room, kitchen?

New Arrivals!

And we're not the only ones who can rave about Amsterdam Modern's collection of school chairs! Take a look at what some of our clients have done with our inventory! We proudly took part in creating the environment of some of LA's most well known restaurants!  

Beachwood Cafe. Los Angeles.
(photo credit to Los Angeles I'm Yours)

 Facebook Headquarters Cafeteria. Menlo Park.
(photo credit to CoDesign)

 Ink Restaurant. West Hollywood. 
(photo credit to LA Eater)

 Pitfire Pizza. Marina Del Rey.
(photo credit to Architizer)

 Short Order. Los Angeles.
(photo credit to The 99 Cent Chef)

 Google Inc. Cafe. Venice.
(photo credit to LA Weekly)


Sofabulous: sofas that shift

The De Sede DS600 Sofa for Ueli Berger
(photo credit to DesignCrisis Blog and Amsterdam Modern and My House ;) )

The rare DS600 non stop sofa by the Swiss company, De Sede, is totally cool. It has an entirely multifunctional range, able to change from a two-seater lounge chair into a twenty-seater sofa. Composed of individual upholstered pieces that zipper together, the sofa can be configured endlessly. From the s-curve arrangement to an arc (above) or a straight line, this couch is extremely versatile and absolutely stunning! However it’s beauty is unrivaled to it’s comfort as the couch’s both supportive and down upholstery give this shifting sofa a sense of extreme luxury. Mmmmmm.

Osvaldo Borsani D70 Sofa for Tecno
(photo credit to Amsterdam Modern)

Osvaldo Borsani, an Italian architect and designer, emerged in the 1940’s and early 1950’s producing a large body of work. Famous to his repertoire was the establishment of a firm called Tecno, which as its name implies became well known for its technology and research-based approach to furniture design. In 1955, Tecno issued one of its most famed compositions, the D70 sofa. WOW. Shown above, the D70 was constructed as a highly versatile piece. It’s intelligent steel mechanism was designed to enable the adjustment of the seat and back allowing it to completely transform it's function. For sitting on, lounging on, napping on, or drooling over, this amazing sofa is SOFABULOUS.


Martin Visser "Slaapbank" Daybed Sofa
(photo credit to Spectrum and Amsterdam Modern) 

Martin Visser was well known for his progressive designs of functional yet simple pieces of work. For many, he is famous for his design of this simple adjustable bed. In 1950, Martin Visser designed this classic sofa, known as the "Slaapbank”. This cool sofa-sleeper he designed for Spectrum was named one of the best Dutch designs of the 20th Century. Whaddya think about that?



"The Rock" Two-Seater Sofa by Gerard Van Den Berg for Montis

Leather and Rattan Lounge Chair by Gerard Van Den Berg for Montis

"The Rock" Lounge Chair in Buck Leather by Gerard Van Den Berg for Montis

Gerard Van Den Berg arguably defined a turning point from classic Mid-Century Dutch furniture design to more contemporary design using different materials, such as rattan and leather. For Montis, a company he started with his brother, his design aesthetic stemmed from concepts of comfort - cushiony seats with a solid and sturdy body. Nevertheless, he maintains a sleek elegance to each piece with his balanced, and often singular, use of warm leather upholstery and carefully placed stitching.

Frame elements are always of a specific gauge, which constrains your design. Taking the upholstery as your starting point gives you much more options. For instance the hammock gave me the idea of making intelligent use of the upholstery to create optimum comfort, without the need for a heavy interior support system. Consequently I could make my design nimble and slender yet sturdy and comfortable. These are the moments when I perceive how the combination of creative thinking and materials and engineering know-how is more than the simply adding two and two.’


Isn't this Gorgeous?

Teak and Rosewood

Teak and rosewood tend to be the prevalent choices of hardwood in mid-century Danish furniture, and although very different, we love both equally for their ability to be defining design choices in the home. If you've come into our warehouse and wondered at the difference between the two, we can point out a few differences that may cater towards your design sensibility:

Teak tends to have a lighter and more yellow toned grain, and is extremely durable in outdoor weather conditions. Because of this, it's often used for outdoor construction (patios, lawn furniture) and produces oils that make it considerably termite resistant. It finishes beautifully, and can most definitely endure child activity while giving off a pop of woodgrain tan in your study or living room. We love teak for its lightness of color yet sense of sturdiness.

Danish Modern Teak Partners Desk with Bookcase

Tomado Industrial Teak Wall Mount Shelving Unit

Rosewood has a beautiful darker red hue than teak, with a more pronounced woodgrain pattern. Historically used to craft fine musical instruments, it's a little more of a rarity - and usually more costly. Its name stems from the aroma of roses that the trees emit when cut. Lovely in a brighter setting to bring out the rich browns in the wood and to add a warm color to cooler-toned spaces. To me, it feels reminiscent of a more woodsy and outdoorsy feeling - like standing in Muir Woods, fun and mystical.

Mid-Century Modern Rosewood Credenza

Modern Rosewood and Chrome Coffee Table

Both age extremely well, are durable due to their dense grains, and can contribute to building a very specific ambiance to your home. There's a lot of lightness and fun in the teak and more elegant sobriety to the depth of the rosewood brown that complement both warm and cool tones, respectively. 


Spring Pots & Planters

Now that it's sufficiently warming up outside, we can reveal some of the gems that have been hibernating in the credenzas of our warehouse for the winter...

Here a few of our favorites. We had some fun mixing and matching cool cacti with the different textural patterns of West German pottery. Each piece is unique in shape, size, and glaze - even within a few sets.




 To find out more on Morgan Satterfield, check out her site The Brick House

As our featured artist this month of March, she will showcasing items from her new line CAMP, with all handcrafted/repurposed pillows from vintage sarapes and military tents as well as super delicate and minimal metal jewelry (to name a few...) We're really jazzed to have her in the family! Her vibe is right on par with what we do here at SHOPCLASS.


Palm Springs Modernism Show

We're so excited to be showing a select few of many of our amazing items at the Modernism Show in Palm Springs this year (: Click on the picture for more information. 

We will be there for the whole weekend, so stop by if you're around the area! 



 We're so proud to announce the opening of our new store Shopclass! Located in Highland Park, Shopclass is a combined effort between a junker, designer, and Mid-Century importer that is a community-based, multipurpose furniture store that provides an eclectic assortment of vintage goodies. Shopclass supports the art community by hosting workshops to empower and inspire you with practical skills to revive inexpensive furniture gems.  

Here are a few pics from the store!