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Seemingly being generally out of fashion after the boom of the 1960's and 1970's, West German pottery has been gaining massive popularity and a dedicated collector base that appreciates its style and eccentric aesthetic. Some of these ceramic pieces are hand-thrown while others are mass-produced stock shapes. Even stock shapes are made unique by the rough textures and the huge range of individual glazes. Size and shape can a petite three inches to well over a few feet tall for the larger floor vases. Factories that produced these ceramic pieces include Baykeramik, Carstens, Dumler & Breiden, Jopeko, Roth, Ruscha, and Scheurich. Many are only marked with a serial number and often with German or W. Germany on the bottom making it difficult to determine the original designer or manufacturer. Fat Lava, a nickname for this eclectic pieces, references the thick pumice and lava-like glazing. Funnily, because of translation errors on the i


Time to get to work.  Any office, be it home or work, needs a hardworking and versatile desk as its central hub of activity. Keep it unique with a vintage desk designed in the midst of the mid century office revolution. Steelcase, Danish or American made - we have a number of desks available that are as hardworking as you are. A little touch of retro office is always exciting - just like that mid day cocktail.


Check out some of these great pieces we've marked down in our SALE section.  Just had a big buying trip and lots of great new pieces are coming in!