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Authentic Pizza Ovens

So our sister store in Phoenix, Arizona, Sunset Modern , has recently launched a new culinary venture, "Authentic Pizza Ovens" . We just had one shipped to us yesterday and we're beyond excited to try it out. They're versatile ovens that work not only for pizza, but also red meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables. The ovens are extremely light weight, when moving it inside two of us had no issues lifting it whatsoever. We were blown away by the simple elegant design of the oven. It really is gorgeous! Its currently in our showroom where it will stay for the next month, but after that we'll be spending our afternoons in the back cooking up the goods. You can check out the ovens here at Not just for Pizza!

Our Top 5 Art and Design Blogs

The Growlers sing in Chinese Fountain , "The internet is bigger than Jesus or John Lennon" and I'm starting to think they might be right. Seriously though, the internet is enormous, and like some overly enthusiastic fledgling universe still at a teenage supernova full sprint galloping away from its gravitational center point out towards the darker reaches of the yet to happen - our world wide web is pushing. A break from the heady language - the internet has a lot of cool stuff, including a seemingly endless amount of art and design blogs. We look to these constantly for inspiration for our  homes, for our store, for our lives. We've compiled a list of 5 of our favorite art/design oriented blogs for you to peruse if curious. 1. The Fox is Black is so cool. They cover a wide range of topics from contemporary art to music to film to industrial design, all with a keen eye for conceptual and aesthetic boundary pushers and trend setters. Best of all, they're from