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It's the onset of summer, and summer happens to be synonymous with the word "beach." Although we live in California and the weather is beautiful and warm year-round (not to brag or anything) - summer seems to have a better feeling.  The vibe is more upbeat, the sun shines brighter but seems lighter, and there seems to be some sort of hazy happiness all around. And we happen to be lucky enough to live by the coast and have a plethora of amazing beaches to choose from. When we think of beach, we think of rattan, bamboo, striped towels, canvas beach chairs, the porch, cold lemonade....which is evocative of summer while simultaneously being SUPER cliché. (On a tangent, Lauren Conrad happens to have some bomb  lemonade recipes) Here are some of our beachy/summer-y fantasies... In this picture: Early 50's Folding Beach Chairs , Leather Ottoman , Rolling Drafting Lamp , Pilastro Style Triangle Side Table , Assorted Ceramic Tile Table Tops In this picture: Gi