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Exciting things are happening!!! September 26 update: I guess we can say it's officially official now that we've got our name stamped on the side of the building! To say that this move has been a while in the making is somewhat of an understatement - let's all be real here in saying that we needed to move a while ago. Piles of mid-century gems just kept accumulating into more teetering piles in our Van Nuys warehouse. Our NEW abode sports 10,000 square feet, respectfully doubling our space to store all our (stuff). Nevertheless, three weeks later, we've still managed to fill the floor. At least everything is in a much more organized stack (as opposed to pile). We're still unpacking boxes, but feel free to drop by and browse our inventory, without the fear of being hit by waves and waves of endless furniture glory...But don't worry, the glory managed to stay here! Also subscribe to our mailing list for more updates (in the description side-bar). Se