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Little Soldier Lamps: Nightlights and Reading Lamps

Seriously, what could be cuter than this?? A little soldier lamp to keep you company on your bedside table can definitely brighten up the room. Tiny and versatile, they're also extremely adorable. Two that I love right now are the clip on ones (pictured below) that are particularly charming, and would look so great in a kid's room. In addition to little nightlights, a great bedside reading lamp can really be something. What we love about these is that they're always in reach - no need for the long broomstick to poke the lightswitch from in bed across the room anymore. Fortunately we have a ton of great options to choose from, here are a few that we've seen on Pinterest boards and loooved.   Image from Pinterest Mid Century Hala Zeist Style Desk Lamp Industrial Christian Dell Style Clamp Task Lamp Image from Pinterest Prouve Style Atelier 36" Swing Arm Jib Lamp Prouve Style Atelier 18" Swing Arm Jib Lamp with Shad