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Gift Ideas under $100!

Now that you've properly realized that December is upon us and that the holidays are coming up more quickly than you thought, 'tis time to think about gifts! Some great Amsterdam Modern gifts for this season...but gifted with a budget under $100 (: Industrial Wire Baskets Vintage Fire Glazed Ceramic Ashtrays Little Hala Desk Lamp Mathieu Mattegot Style Perforated Metal Tray Hala Table Lamp Teak Wood Bowls and Accessories Teak Wood Bowls and Accessories Perforated Letter or Business Card Holder Industrial Task Stools For more gift ideas also check out our inspiration board for the holiday season on Pinterest!

Woah, Chairs as Side Tables?!

After a long day of work and a good meal, all you really want to come home to is your bed - and maybe read a good book or catch up on a TV show you've been meaning to watch. But what if you have nothing to put your glasses or TV remote down on when it's finally time to turn off the lights and call it a day? There's a solution for that. A side table. However, if you're extremely choosy about the items that are going to be in your bedroom, like me, then you must know its hard to find THE right side table that matches your decor, color, wood type, etc. Solution #2? Use a cute chair! There are way more options in style, color, and add a casual but cool flair to any room. Additional benefits: 1. They can be more affordable than a regular side table or small set of drawers (of course, depends on what chair you choose). 2. They are often are sold in pairs or multiples that make it easier for you to get two, if you want to put one on both sides of th