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Sofabulous: sofas that shift

The De Sede DS600 Sofa for Ueli Berger (photo credit to DesignCrisis Blog and Amsterdam Modern and My House ;) ) The rare DS600 non stop sofa by the Swiss company, De Sede, is totally cool. It has an entirely multifunctional range, able to change from a two-seater lounge chair into a twenty-seater sofa. Composed of individual upholstered pieces that zipper together, the sofa can be configured endlessly. From the s-curve arrangement to an arc (above) or a straight line, this couch is extremely versatile and absolutely stunning! However it’s beauty is unrivaled to it’s comfort as the couch’s both supportive and down upholstery give this shifting sofa a sense of extreme luxury. Mmmmmm. Osvaldo Borsani D70 Sofa for Tecno (photo credit to Amsterdam Modern) Osvaldo Borsani, an Italian architect and designer, emerged in the 1940’s and early 1950’s producing a large body of work. Famous to his repertoire was the establishment of a firm calle