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Everything WIRE

The use of wire-like components in Mid-Century modern design stems from concepts of simplistic and streamlined industrial design with a very organic feel. Wire framed coffee tables, magazine racks, and planters create a clean and boldly elegant structural design that fits in anywhere - indoors, outdoors, and works especially well to balance out heavier pieces of furniture such as teak credenzas. Here are a few of our favorites from the site :  Large Wire Framed Coffee Table Retro Wire Plant Stands Set of 4 Rietveld (attr) Chairs Pilastro Style Magazine Rack Coen de Vries Wall Mount Coat Rack with Wire Hooks Mid-Century Modern design tends to be extremely versatile - the enameled metal and wire components of these pieces make them even more welcoming to different environments while adding a subtle casual flair. It's even more awesome because some of these pieces come in exciting and fun colors! Pair of Kembo Lounge Chairs with Ottomans Need some pai