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Palm Springs: A Mid-Century Modern Design Oasis

What is it about a barren isolated place such as the desert that attracts such a treasure trove of Mid-Century Modern design? A unique set of conditions contingent on culture, climate, and space. Its close proximity to Los Angeles allowed Palm Springs to develop into an ideal getaway for Hollywood stars - and also a perfect place for architects to construct a strong desert aesthetic with a lot of space to expand. The hot desert climate proved a welcome place for structures of glass, metal, and modern industrialism. Linear forms fit flawlessly into the flat landscape, and the coolness of metal frames and glass walls provide a retreat from the glaring desert sun. Famous architects have traversed these desert plains and left their mark in the community for residents and travelers alike to enjoy. The Fontenell: Photo by Dan Chavkin, from Dwell Magazine Photo by Dan Chavkin, from Dwell Magazine The Kaufmann House designed by Richard Nuetra, 1946: Photo by Tim Str