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Drafting Tables and Lamps

I was reading recently how increasingly difficult it's becoming to find decent drafting tables in a world leaning towards digital rendering technology, and I thought I would share with you how many awesome drafting tables we have! ....And also maybe some tips for building your own workspace. Being realistic, we all do need a space for us to work in our homes. Whether you're a workaholic and bring your caseload home with you every night/weekend or if you like to work on personal projects at home, it always seems more motivating and fun when you have an awesome space to do it in (as opposed to your coffee table). The drafting table workspace should not be underestimated... The benefits: Drafting tables serve as particularly great working spaces because they were designed as desks for designers who spend long and tedious hours drawing and hunched over their desks (or at least they used to). Nowadays it's nice to take full advantage of the adjustment ability of these