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Isn't this Gorgeous?

Teak and Rosewood Teak and rosewood tend to be the prevalent choices of hardwood in mid-century Danish furniture, and although very different, we love both equally for their ability to be defining design choices in the home. If you've come into our warehouse and wondered at the difference between the two, we can point out a few differences that may cater towards your design sensibility: Teak tends to have a lighter and more yellow toned grain, and is extremely durable in outdoor weather conditions. Because of this, it's often used for outdoor construction (patios, lawn furniture) and produces oils that make it considerably termite resistant. It finishes beautifully, and can most definitely endure child activity while giving off a pop of woodgrain tan in your study or living room. We love teak for its lightness of color yet sense of sturdiness. Danish Modern Teak Partners Desk with Bookcase Tomado Industrial Teak Wall Mount Shelving Unit Rose