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Jieldé Task Lamps: The French company name, Jieldé , is derived from its founder's initials JLD (Jean-Louis Domecq). Jean-Louis started the company in 1953 to industrialize production of his lamp design, which was meant to simplify and revolutionize the functions of a task lamp. Prior to his production, task lamps were often heavier - with more wires and less ability to rotate. Jean-Louis was able to innovate task lamp design for easy articulation with a multi-hinged arm and shade. More than being valued simply for its functionalism, they embodied aspects of French industrial art of the 1950's. Although still in production today, we have a bunch of vintage Jieldé task lamps in our inventory that are amazing! Each are unique and have aged well (as you can tell from the color oxidization). These task lamps are functional yet elegant industrial pieces to add to your home or workplace.