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New Container!

We’re so excited to announce the arrival of a new container! After lots of hard work selecting a few great items in Amsterdam, they’ve finally arrived here in Los Angeles. 

Who Doesn't Love a Sale!

This Saturday, September 22nd  10am-4pm Drop by our warehouse in Van Nuys for some unique finds at great prices (:
DESIGNERS WE LOVE. what’s so great about midcentury furniture? While updating our “favorites” page, I stumbled across some designers who use modern furniture in very different ways. Here is a cover on some of our faves, and why we love them.   SASHA EMERSON: Sasha Emerson Sasha Emerson shows us that modern design can lie between fun and classic, thus modern and timeless and ultimately, livable. Her attention to detail and color create warm spaces where styles and time periods flow together seamlessly. Her ability to create these crazy-fun yet homely spaces stems from her eccentric taste in the details while pulling modern sophistication from some more demure mid century pieces. After graduating Yale with a degree in theater, we can definitely see how her personality plays out in her flair for the dramatic… FRANCES MERRILL @ Reath: Patterns and upholstery with quiet sophistication. Despite potential misgivings and skepticism from the fashi