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Thanksgiving, our favorite time of the year to binge eat with family, is over and we're back in the office. We're not gonna let this brief purgatory before Christmas get us down though! Holiday cheer everybody, come'on. If there's one thing that we're reminded of on Thanksgiving it's that eating dinner with friends and family is a special thing. Whether or not you're Julia Child or Anthony Bourdaine, getting in the kitchen, whipping something up and sitting down with loved ones is a treat. We've showcased some of our more versatile dining tables with chairs that would be sure to add a bit of color to your life.  GISPEN INDUSTRIAL DINING OR CONFERENCE TABLE Gispen once again created a simple timeless design with this multi-purpose table that would function great in a live/work space. Pair it with Cordemeijer's Chair no. 11 of various colors, several of Friso Kramer style "result" chairs  and you'll have an eclectic looking soph