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S I N G L E! Thanks Jodi for making single fun and cool again - just as Jodi Foster is, we are too! (but in a slightly different way). As the new year is now officially upon us, so we have new changes. We are no longer partners with Mohawk General Store, however we still have an inventory presence there. You may still go to see our curated selection at the store. Most of our inventory is still at our warehouse in Van Nuys - and all are welcome to make an appointment to peruse as they wish. The most exciting part is that our warehouse is brimming with new stuff from the container that arrived last week, and another one at the port...OH NO! Here are a few fun and cool single items for you: C ees Braakman and A. Dekker Wire Vanity Stool   Fre nch 50's Mategot Style Ceiling Light   Mategot Style Card Holder  Wm. Rietveld Chair No. 9 for Gispen  Ezio Pirali Zerowatt Fan, Model VE505  Mategot New -Old Stock Bar Tra y   Vi ntage Enam el ed Metal Desk Orga


Yes, yet again, there is another new container. But that just means more amazing items to add to our inventory and for you to see! Here's a glimpse of a few things we're excited to have picked up :) Be on the lookout for more on our site.