Allandale House by William O'Brien Jr.

The most ubiquitous of vintage folding chair design is Hans Wegner's Folding Chair, created in 1949.

The convenience of folding is not limited to Wegner's comfortably sophisticated portable chair, I know, it's crazy but there are other less ubiquitous folding chairs still kicking about. And come on, vintage folding chairs are a great solution for extra seating indoors or out. 

Grab and go and then sit your butt down anywhere.

Perhaps one of my favorite folded designs,  you can find this great folding slatted chair in the store. 

It looks as fantastic on a deck or around a fire pit as it does in a living room.

Abigal Ahern's moody apartment.

These Gijs Bakker Folding Chairs are laminated wood with an ashwood veneer and available in army green or brown. They are like super classy camp chairs.
These early 1950's Birch folding chairs were used in a church for extra seating and fold away inconspicuously. Have extra dinner guests? Check these out. Problem solved.

Folding chairs feed that great chair collecting obsession without eating up all the floor space. Easily a win-win solution.


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