Why Do We Love Fall?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, browns, oranges, dried leaves, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice…fall is coming, and although the weather in Los Angeles doesn’t reflect a change in the seasons (still a balmy 80 degrees), we have fun experimenting with the warm fall-esque colors of our newest collection. My personal favorite: the hand-carved teak chair upholstered with a striped wool blanket (featured above), that just makes me want to curl up on a cold day with a nice book and a cup of tea. Fall is about transition – from warm to cool, green to brown. And whether or not you realize it, winter will be upon us in no time – and then the real holiday fun can begin. In preparation for the hibernation I will be doing to stay out of the cold, I’ve chosen a few of our favorite items for this season:  

Assorted ceramics:

Cute Casala wood school chair as a side table:

Retro Brown High Back Swivel Chair:
Auping Sofa - Day Bed:

Coen De Vries Original Wire Wall Mount Coat Rack:
Danish Modern Lounge Chair with Teak Frame and Wool Blend US Army Issued Blanket Upholstery:
Mid Century Magazine Rack:
Friso Kramer REVOLT chair:

Rosewood and Teak Mid-Century Long and Low Credenza:

Raak Bakelite and Glass Wall Scones:
60's Cleopatra Style Day Bed Frame by A.R. Cordemeijer: 
4 Danish Dining Chairs with Reversible Seats:

Diamond Back Mid-Century Dining Chairs:


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