"Hitchcock" Set Design - LA Times

Coffee Table and Rattan Chair - Amsterdam Modern.

LA Times looked at the set design of the movie "Hitchcock," released on Friday, and published the article " 'Hitchcock' home designs nail late-1950s style" featuring a peek into the interior design of the Hitchcocks' home in Beverly Hills as well their beach house. Striving for a relaxed but very California mid-century feel, production designer Judy Becker included pieces from Amsterdam Modern to the beach house to complete the look.

On mid-century modern design and her inspiration for the "Hitchcock" set design, Becker said, " 'Today, most of us feel overwhelemed by clutter. Back then people didn't have as much stuff, and it was a period in which furniture design was simple but sophisticated, a period that has not been matched before or after', " (LA Times) and we find that we can't disagree.


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