Sally Breer (of Co-Mingle & Shopclass) at Amsterdam Modern!

Last Friday we had the pleasure of having the talented Sally Breer in our new space for a shoot! Sally is one of our partners at Shopclass and also runs her own interior design firm, Co-Mingle. Although somehow we're still in the process of organizing our inventory (it seems like a never-ending process), Sally and her team were able to pick out some amazing pieces and whip together a few inspiration vignettes for her newest project.

A little backstory -
When moving into our new space we discovered that bright red floors, while cool, are very hard to photograph with...and get rid of. After some debate as to whether we should tile, carpet, or build a platform over the red for shoots, we decided that re-painting the concrete was probably the best idea for permanence and quality. It took more than a few coats for the red to stop glowing through and casting a faint orange-ish tinge over all the things we tried to photograph. You can see the final result -

Sally was the first to test our new floors for vignettes, and we think it went perfectly! Here's a little taste of the action-

Sally and her team getting to work - pictured is our Cees Braakman for Pastoe Bookcase with a Built-in Desk and a Gerard van den Berg Leather and Rattan chair for Montis

Sally is a clever one - I mean who wouldn't want a massive amount of mid-century gems at their fingertips whenever they're shooting??

Pictured below - Pierre Pauling Mushroom and Ottoman F560 & P561 and Kartell Style 70's Acrylic Coat Rack. Artwork and accessories all found at Home Goods a la Sally.

Apparently that ceiling lamp is quite heavy and requires a longer arm span.

Also, how cool is this cactus-plant.

This shoot was for Hotel Covell in Los Feliz
Final vignette shot in C Magazine, December 2014 - Photo by Bethany Nauert


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