Our Top 5 Art and Design Blogs

The Growlers sing in Chinese Fountain, "The internet is bigger than Jesus or John Lennon" and I'm starting to think they might be right. Seriously though, the internet is enormous, and like some overly enthusiastic fledgling universe still at a teenage supernova full sprint galloping away from its gravitational center point out towards the darker reaches of the yet to happen - our world wide web is pushing.

A break from the heady language - the internet has a lot of cool stuff, including a seemingly endless amount of art and design blogs. We look to these constantly for inspiration for our  homes, for our store, for our lives. We've compiled a list of 5 of our favorite art/design oriented blogs for you to peruse if curious.

1. The Fox is Black is so cool. They cover a wide range of topics from contemporary art to music to film to industrial design, all with a keen eye for conceptual and aesthetic boundary pushers and trend setters. Best of all, they're from LA :)

2. The Selby - Is In Your Place -  is a very popular blog (for good reason) documenting creators in their homes and studios. Todd Selby gives us an unfiltered glimpse into the lives of artists, chefs, designers, musicians, writers, ect. It's highly personal, fun, and a good reminder of our shared humanity :)

3.  Miss Moss - this South African blog is rad. Diana Moss has impeccable pastel colored old photographs found in your grandparent's attic type taste and shares total treasures.

4.My Love for You - features up and coming artists and designers who have yet to reach major audiences, but are creating ambitious and important work. The recent post highlighting La Fuerza Silenciosa, a public art project by Alicia Reyes McNamara and Kat Burdine - intended to bring attention to the resilient women holding communities together that have been devastated by violence in Honduras - was inspirational to say the least. Take a look!

5. Core 77 is kind of its own world. It's established itself as one of the premiere web destinations for design inspiration. Do yourself a favor, take an hour, take a day, click around.


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