New Years Home Redesign

Why wait until Spring comes around to redecorate your home? The best part of the New Year is being able to revamp your life with all those new years resolutions, while you still have the inspiration to do so. Be a resolution redecorator and re- everything! Here are some cool styling tips:

One new item
Redesigning your home is no easy task, it requires a definite level of ambition we can't all achieve (or just don't have time or money to). For a more budget and time-friendly solution, simply move your furniture around and center it around a new piece you may have gotten for Christmas, or just bought for yourself. This technique is quite effective in giving the same sense of satisfaction that having a whole bunch of new things does because it feels like a completely different space. Who ever said change was bad?

I got the idea from Dwell, of course.

Normende "Spectra Futura" Radio by Raymond Loewy

Centering your living room around a key piece, such as the Achille Castiglioni Bionvega RR226 stereo or Raymond Loewy's colorful stereo, can be an impactful accessorizer to any room. People definitely take home accessories for granted - they can make a living room, bedroom, etc look so different!

Do something new and craazy
I'm not normally one to stray far from my usual tastes - for example I only always wear only black, grey, white, and denim (boring, I know). This time I've decided to start the year off by emerging from my bubble of a comfort zone, and doing COLOR! Not only in my wardrobe, but at home too. Some crazy fun ideas I had while brainstorming:

Lighting galore - I'm not a caveman or a vampire, and therefore I love well-lit but cozy rooms to relax. It may seem cluttered to have a bunch of lamps in one area, but they're all so unique and colorful. Great for spaces that seem too sleek and maybe a little cold.

Going all teak! (Or something else). This is especially great for spaces that seem to have too many ideas going on at once but with no overall sense of continuity. Get rid of a few things and keep a specific color scheme in mind. This look is like monochrome but with a pop - you're working with a limited color palette that automatically ties all your pieces together. And you can always add (yay new stuff!).

Images from Pinterest

Some pieces I love from our website:

Happy New Years!


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