Organic Home Accessories: Cacti

Cacti and Mid-Century modern seem to fit together extraordinarily well. Actually, cacti look good in any situation, which seems contradictory to their bizarre and prickly appearance. As outdoor and indoor plants, they require very little maintenance, and cover an impressive range of sizes. They also come in an impressive range of colors, and some have beautiful blooming red, yellow, or white flowers (such as the flowers of the trichocereus lamprochloru).

I'm particularly fond of the more dusty-green colored cacti, and they prove to complement bright sunlit rooms exceptionally well (such as in the pictures below). I'm a sucker for beautiful pottery, and our Mobach ceramic planters are to die for. It's fun to have some green to liven up sections of your home. In fact, I've been inspired to make a trip to the nursery and make myself a cute little desk arrangement.

Images from Pinterest

Images from Pinterest


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