Storage is important for many reasons, and everyone collectively needs it. Mostly so you can hide all your junk from your friends or your treasures you don't want them acquiring... However, knowing your storage OPTIONS is just as important for a few of these reasons:

1. Obvious cuteness: spend the extra time looking for a case piece you like - don't just throw together something painted white you got on a quick run-through of Ikea (you probably just went for the Swedish meatballs anyways...)

2. Mix and match: like always, I love mixing and matching. Why? Because we do vintage, and that means that sometimes you can't buy matching sets of things. Which doesn't mean it's it's not better - that's why I love it! You can grab a variety of different items that suit the same purpose. It also challenges your design sensibility (if you're up for that of course).

Tomado Industrial Shelving Wall Unit

3. As always, variety. Size, shape, color, complexity, sliding doors or no doors... and endless possibilities. Credenzas, day beds with drawers, coffee tables with hidden storage, shelving, wall units - you name it.

Coen de Vries Bookcase

4. Solution for small spaces. I won't be covering recessed storage in this blog post, however that doesn't mean you can't find a solution for storage for small spaces. As someone who moves twice a year, I can tell you that the easiest solution is having wall units. (We have an absolutely stunning collection of Tomado wall units) Also having those wall units fold down is heavenly - not only does it create space for your stuff, but it saves you space (and a headache) in the long run as well. Ikea furniture does not do well once you take it apart (rarely comes back together again - plus who wants to dismantle it after you spent hours putting it together in the first place??

Kai Kristiansen Teak Wall Unit 


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