We have SO MANY industrial side tables that they're practically breaking the floor of our storage attic... I don't even know why they're still here to be honest, they're pretty awesome, and of course (as I say to everything) - versatile. No but seriously... check out the cute little vignettes we did with our industrial tables to demonstrate their many uses. Of course there are more than just three ways, but that's all we had time for in this post ;) So, without further ado, here are three awesome uses of the industrial mini-table.

1. In your foyer. Entry table anyone? Small is good for this actually, not many people (I'm assuming) have an actual real foyer with room for a large heavy wood circular table to just take up space in the middle of the floor. I could also be wrong about this. Also a link on our post to decorating the foyer...

2. Kitchen Helper. Pretty self-explanatory. But also the perfect size to wedge in between your oven and the doorframe.

The industrial Friso Kramer style school desks are $195 each, currently two available in different colors.
Industrial desk and pedastal chair set listed at $225 - 36 available.

 3. Workstation. You can add individual desks like building blocks. It's like being back in middle school where the teacher made you push all your desks together to form a table for "group work" (aka just to hang out with your friends basically.)

Our Friso Kramer Industrial Desk is $195. There are 8 currently available!

And of course we forgot one - this industrial side table below has a "T" base and a beige top - super cool. 17 available at $150 each.


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